Aluminum and Brass Speaker Covers for FXRD Fairing

Speaker Covers for FXRD fairing are coming soon.

Deluxe fairing for FXR has two speakers on the both sides of speedometer and tachometer. Each speaker has protection cover made of resin.

Harley-Davidson FXRD speaker Cover
Harley-Davidson FXRD speaker cover

Our speaker cover bodies are made of A5052 aluminum and grill parts are made of brass plate.

Harley-Davidson genuine covers adopt plastic clip as a docking method.
We have a plan to use bolts and wellnuts so as to mount and remove the covers easily.

Harley-Davidson FXRD brass and aluminum speaker cover
Harley-Davidson FXRD brass and aluminum speaker cover

Aluminum main bodies were almost completed.
Remaining brass parts are scheduled for completion in the end of November.

9 Replies to “Aluminum and Brass Speaker Covers for FXRD Fairing”

        1. Aluminum base plates are available but brass grills are not. I’ll try to redesign the grills near future which might have more simple appearance just as you wish.
          New information will be uploaded on my website or Instagram (@yupartsdesign).
          Thank you for your interest.

          1. Can I purchase the aluminum base plates. I can make grills. Thank you.
            My name is Paul Yaffe. I’m a designer builder here in Phoenix Arizona. My shop name is Paul Yaffe Originals / Bagger Nation.
            2211 E Indian School Road
            Phoenix Arizona 85016
            (602) 840-4205
            E mail is

          2. Dear Mr. Pual Yaffe,

            Of course I know who you are and you can purchase the aluminum base plates.
            I will send you a Paypal invoice later.
            As you know the international transportation is not functioning normally. Please allow me about a week to ship it.
            Your parcel is going to be shipped by DHL.

            I’ve known you since I began to be interested in Harley-Davidson about 20 years ago.
            Once I chose one of your products from the catalog of Custom Chrome and bought it. They were chromed grips.

            I’m so glad that I can talk to you like this.

            Thank you,
            Yu Hirota

  1. Hello I am interested in a set of aluminum speaker covers for the FXRD. Can you sent me some info to purchase it. Thanks

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