FLH Checker Flag Point Cover


Timer Cover for Harley-Davidson Shovelhead FLH.

Etched Brass Plates with A5056 Aluminum base plate.

On the backside of the brass plates, adhesive tapes are attached.
Two #8-32 screws are included.

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Harley-Davidson FLH checker flag brass and aluminum point cover

In spite of the small parts, many have a strong preference for point covers.

The base plate of this “FLH Checker Flag” point cover is machined from A5052 aluminum plate.
Attached 0.8mm thickness brass plate is etched “FLH”, checker flag and curved lines on each plate and then dyed black except text area.

Two brass plates have adhesive tapes on the back. They make it easier to fix the plates to the aluminum base plate.

#8-32 bolts are included for 1979-1999 models. Pre-1978 models needs different size of bolts.

Harley-Davidson FLH checker flag point cover with screws
FLH1340 shovelhead brass point cover

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4 Replies to “FLH Checker Flag Point Cover”

  1. Hello,
    I ordered the part : “FLH Checker Flag Point Cover”, in May,
    payment was made through Paypal. I haven’t received anything to date. Please send me a shipment tracking number !
    Thank you in advance !
    Bertrand SELEBARD
    24, rue de la Victoire
    22510 Moncontour de Bretagne

  2. Are you going to make this for m8? Maybe even more like 1974 flh that just says “flh”
    With a slight tilt to letters?
    I like the retro style

    1. Thank you for your comment. If I had a chance to touch modern Harleys, I would consider that.

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