On the Derby Cover swims Goldfish

harley-davidson shovelhead evolution derby cover

Derby cover with 3 mounting holes for Harley-Davidson Shovelhead and Evolution big twin models.
The base part is machined from A6061 aluminum alloy.

Harley-Davidson Goldfish derby cover

Goldfish and 2 gears on the surface of brass plate are realized by etching.
Etching differs from printing. Watching the surface carefully, you will notice the convex and concave figures.

shovelhead brass goldfish derby cover

Brass plate is fixed to aluminum body with 8 rivets.

riveted brass shovelhead derby cover

Harley-Davidson riveted derby cover

The following picture shows installation example. The derby cover is put on the Shovelhead FLH primary cover.
Mounting bolts are not included.

evolution big twin derby cover brass

Harley-Davidson fxr goldfish derby cover

Harley-Davidson brass aluminum derby cover

New products : Point Covers

Harley-Davidson FXRD Grand Touring Point Cover with bolts

I will release new products Point Covers at the end of August 2020.

There are 4 types of point covers.

1. 1986 FXRD Grand Touring
No explanation is necessary to describe this point cover. I dedicate this point cover for fanatic fans of Harley-Davidson FXRD.

Harley-Davidson FXRD Grand Touring Point Cover with bolts

2. 8bit Digital Ignition
What remarkable is the development of technology. Maybe the time has come to update your ignition system from old point ignition to the latest digital ignition.
Please never forget putting this point cover on your motorcycle when update is done.

Harley-Davidson 8bit digital ignition aluminum point cover

3. FLH with checker flag
One of the most popular and iconic name in the series of Harley-Davidson motorcycles is “FLH”, isn’t it?
This cover represents the honor of the king of motorcycles.

Harley-Davidson FLH checker flag brass and aluminum point cover

4. The age of the Aztec
There was a kingdom in the old days. It was called Aztec empire. That’s all.

Harley-Davidson Aztec point cover

These point covers are mainly made of A5056 aluminum alloy, etched parts are brass plates.
Every brass plates have adhesive tape on their back.
Two #8-32 mounting screws will be included.

I established “Point Covers” page.

The status of the product will be changed from “out of stock” to “order now” when I start the sale.

Colorado Motorcycle Expo

fxrd at colorado motorcycle expo

Two Harley-Davidson FXRDs were displayed at Colorado Motorcycle Expo.

Strokers Custom Cycles’s work.

Strokers Custom Cycles (facebook)

Burgundy red one has Brass Fish Scale Floorboard inserts and Fish Scale Tank Dash Cover. The power plant is Ultima 127cui motor. Transmission is Ultima 6 speed. 

The blue one has Twin Cam motor.

Strokers Custom Cycles and Mr. Whiteley, really nice job you did! And thank you very much.

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Stainless Products

stainless steel fish scale tank dash inserts for FXR

[ Fish Scale Tank Dash Cover for FXR ]

Until now the material of Tank Dash Cover and Floorboard Inserts have been only brass plate. This time I added another version of those products. They are made of stainless steel.
The pattern of the surface is same as previous brass products.

stainless tank dash cover for fxr

Hairlined surface of stainless steel gives calm impression to those who see these products.

stainless tank dash cover for fxr

The making process is same as that of brass products. After etching process is completed black paint is ran into the concave portion. Then clear coating process is done.

The outline of the fish scale pattern seems more clear than that of brass fish scale Tank Dash Cover.

stainless tank dash cover for fxr

[ Fish Scale Floorboard Inserts ]

stainless floorboard inserts for Harley-Davidson FXRD FXRP shovelhead evolution FLH FLT

Another stainless steel products are Floorboard Inserts. The picture on the inserts is same as that of brass fish scale Floorboard Inserts.

stainless floorboard inserts for Harley-Davidson FXRD FXRP shovelhead evolution FLH FLT

Sometimes I am asked about the fish etched on the surface of the inserts.

The diagnostic tail part tells you what kind of fish it is.

stainless floorboard inserts for Harley-Davidson FXRD FXRP shovelhead evolution FLH FLT