6 Replies to “Brass Fish Scale Dash Cover for FXR restocked”

  1. Hi I’d like to know if you make the insert for the Harley fxr eith ths speedo and gas dash? If so what is your price shipped to the US. Thanks that insert looks nice

    1. Hello Paul,

      The dash covers are made for FXR with fuel gauge and fuel cap.
      If you make the fuel gauge hole of the cover bigger so as to accept speedometer you can put it on your fuel tank.
      I guess lower part of dash cover has no problem in terms of the size.
      The shipping cost is 18 USD.

      Thank you,
      Yu Hirota

  2. Hi I had left the comment about the FXR dash insert with the speedo instead of the fuel gauge. Where are you located? I’m in the process of doing a tear down on my bike now so could possibly send you my dash . Please let me know and maybe we could work something out . Thanks and I eagerly await your response!

  3. I got my dash covers in record time being I live in the states. Even better quality then I originally anticipated, and they look amazing. You could build your entire fxr around these dash covers

    1. I really appreciate your comment. I’ll continue trying to make parts for FXR.
      Thank you.

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