Tank Dash Inserts for FXR with SpeedoDash


Some FXR have speedometer on their fuel tank.

1988 FXR Super Glide
This FXR Super Glide has speedometer on its fuel tank.

Here is a new Tank Dash Insert for those kind of FXR models.
The pattern on the surface is same as previous products, Fish Scale. However, the shape of upper part has difference so as to accept speedometer.
The material of these inserts are stainless steel.

FXD dash insert speedometer

FXR speedometer on fuel tank

New Tank Dash Inserts can be purchased from here.

Fish Scale Inserts for Tank Dash with Speedometer

Fish Scale Brass Tank Dash Cover for FXR on ebay

Brass Fuel Tank Dash Panel with etched fish-scale pattern for Harley-Davidson FXR is now available on ebay.

Brass Fish Scale Fuel Tank Dash Cover for Harley Davidson FXR FXRS FXRT FXRD


If you live in Japan you can purchase from Harley-Davidson Parts shop “Kachina Parts”.

Kachina Parts

JR Kokashita-24, 1-2-6, Mikage Gunge, Higashinada-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan http://www.kachinaparts.com/


Harley-Davidson fish scale brass Fuel Tank Dash Cover for FXR
Harley-Davidson Brass Fish Scale Tank Dash Cover upper part
Harley-Davidson fish scale brass fuel tank dash cover for FXR
Harley-Davidson FXR Brass Fish Scale Tank Dash Cover lower part