Where is “Big Twin High-Performance Guide Vol. 2” ?

We are surrounded by many information, however, useful information in a true sense are few. It’s worth for the people who eager to know the internal combustion engines, especially Harley-Davidson V-twin, reading these books. The author D. William Denish tells us in his books the mechanism and function of each parts in plain terms.

I bought and read his three books, “V-twin Tuner’s Handbook vol.1”, “V-twin Tuner’s Handbook Vol.2” and “Big Twin High-Performance Guide Vol.1”.

Big Twin High Performance Guide

The only thing is, I can’t find “Big Twin High-Performance Guide Vol.2”. In the end of “V-twin Tuner’s Handbook” it says that “Big Twin High-Performance Guide Vol.2” will be published in 2000.
ISBN code is also written. I have looked for everywhere on the internet. But I couldn’t find the book. I tried to contact Crystal Publications which is the publisher of those books, however, it turned out to be a complete failure. It seems the publisher is no longer exist. What happened to Crystal Publications and “Big Twin High Performance Guide Vol.2”?

The author D. William Denish wrote in his book “Big Twin High-Performance Guide Vol.1” that he was going to mention about bottom end parts in his latest book “Big Twin High-Performance Guide Vol.2” and that is the information what I’ve wanted to know for a long time.

Big Twin High Performance Guide Vol.2
It says “Big Twin High Performance Guide Vol.2” will be available in 2000.

Almost all the people can explain that how intake, exhaust and ignition system affect performance of the V-twin motors to a greater or lesser extent. Nevertheless, there are few people how the crank and flywheel affect the performance and durability of the V-twin motors. William Denish explains various factors we should consider when we manage to modify internal combustion engines with many examples or visual information like graphs and tables.

the contents of big twin high performance guide vol.1
His explanation is easy to understand.

Sometimes these kinds of books introducing how to modify V-twin motors tend to be catalogs of parts maker. But his books are differ from those kinds of books.
Internal combustion engines are not set of many performance parts. Only gathering and piling up performance parts are not enough to make true performance engines. The fundamental knowledge is necessary and we can find them in his books.

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  1. Volume 2 of the “Big Twin High Performance Guide” was never completed and/or published.

    At one point in time, years ago, I was able to contact the “someone” through the publisher’s information given…and was told the book, although planned, was never made/printed.

    1. Hello V,
      this is the first time I’ve got the information about the book. Though it is just as I expected, I’m so sorry to hear that.
      It’s not so unusual to see the tech tips explaining how to modify the cylinder heads of internal combustion engine, however, it’s rare to encounter the the description about bottom end, i.e. crank case.
      I wish I could have read his book.
      Anyway, thank you for the valuable information.

    1. I uploaded this topic because I wanted information from someone who knows where he is and how to contact with him.
      I like his books. Have you ever read his books?

    1. I’m sorry to hear about his passing.
      I’ve learned a lot about V-twin engine from his books. I like his books.
      Thank you for the information.

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