Brass Fish Scale Floorboard Insert

Brass Fish Scale Floorboard Insert
for Harley-Davidson

These kind of floorboard inserts had been used since Harley-Davidson Shovelhead era till Evolution era.
Fish Scale Brass Floorboard Inserts can be used as replacement of Harley-Davidson genuine parts 50614-66.

The main body is made of 1.0mm thickness brass plate.

Fish Scale is not printing but etching.
Etching is the process of using liquid acid to cut and create a design on metal surface.

Fish Scale is popular motif which has been used as a part of motorcycles and subject of painting from the beginning of motorcycle culture.

The mixture of inorganic motorcycles and organic sea creature may creepy a little in certain people.
But some people may feel humor of the design.

Sold in pairs

Brass Fish Scale Floorboard Insert     $245.00 USD

Harley-Davidson Brass Fish Scale Floorboard Insert
Floorboard Insert for Harley-Davidson


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