Privacy Policy

Basic Statement

We gather user’s information in this site ( for the purpose of the benefit of users. We deal with the information correctly.

Information Range

We gather automatically the domain names, IP addresses, search and query words and other information related to the web site. We utilize cookies for the users’ benefit only not for gathering personal information.


When you leave the comment on this site, you can choose weather you save your name and E-mail address or not. This process is intended to develop the user-friendliness of this site and this saves visitors’ precious time. Cookies would be kept in a year.

If users have account of this site and when they log in, we temporary set cookies to let users to determine weather they accept cookies or not. These kind of cookies have no personal information and when users close the browser windows they are deleted.

In addition, when users log in, we set some cookies to keep the appropriate information on the display. Log in cookies are kept for two days, and display option cookies are kept for a year. If users choose saving the condition of log-in, the information of log-in are kept for two weeks. When users log out, cookies are deleted.

When the post is edited or published, additional cookies are kept on the users’ browsers. These cookies have no personal information and they show just the ID of each post. These cookies are deleted within a day.


When visitors leave their comment on this site, we gather up IP address and user agent text to detect spam and data showing on the comment form.

Text generated from visitors’ e-mail address, what we call hash, maybe submit to Grabatar service in order to check weather you use Grabatar service or not. Privacy policy of Grabatar can be checked at When visitors’ comments are permitted, visitors’ icons would be in public.


We strongly advise you not to upload images attached location information (EXIF GPS). There are possibilities that those location information will be absorbed by others.

The right of the users’ data

Visitors who have account of this site or have had chances to post their comments on this site have right to receive the personal data of themselves we have. In addition to this, those users have right to request us to submit their personal information including all data they submitted before as an export file. And those users have right to request us to delete their personal information that we have except information that we have for the purpose of administration, law and security.

How to deal with visitors’ data

Visitors’ comments could be checked via spam detecting service automatically to maintain the security of this site.


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